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Electrical Circuit Breaker Safety Lockout Device For Breaker Handle Width 7.7mm Moulded Case

Short Description:

Mould Case Circuit Breaker Lockout

M-K09, Hole diameter 8mm, need a small screw driver to install.

Fits on breaker toggles and can be tightened using screwdriver.

N-K09T, Hole diameter 8mm, without any installation tools needed.

Fits on breaker toggles and can be tightened without tools.

a) Made from engineering plastic strengthened nylon PA.

b) Lock out different types of circuit breakers.

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With a small slot type screw to fix,the installation needs to complete the lock with the help of the screwdriver,it is suitable for miniature and medium MCCB with the handle thickness ≤5mm,it is recommend to be collocated with insulated safety padlock and safety tagout.

Usage:Recommended to use in combination with a padlock for added safety,and can be easily installed with the aid of a push button.

The lcokouts can take padlocks with a shackle diameter up to 6mm.

Features:OEM manufacturing service supported ,no installation tools required,available for single and multi-pole breakers.

Applied:Fit most existing types of European and Aisa circuit breaker.

Wide range of used:Through professional design,the product is suitable for a variety of single-stage,multi-stage and any miniature circuit breakers (no need to modify the panel or the circuit breaker itself) to protect employees from electrical accidents during equipment maintenance.

Installation and collocation:Circiut breaker lockout is recommended to be collocated with small insulated safety padlock and safety tag out to achieve energy isolation,equipment locking and prevent miss operation.

Easy to install:the simple circuit breaker lockout is fastened by a small slot type screw.After lock body is stuck at the handle of the circuit breaker,it is necessary to tighten the screw with help of a slot type screwdriver and then lock it to prevent loosening.



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