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The completed process of lockout and ta gout for guidance of ten principles

1. To recognized the potential existing danger energy before you start to lock the key and labels.
2. To make sure the measures of energy isolation related to the work was in place.
3. Do not hang the tag alone in somewhere you can not use the lock.Need you custom-made the process of tag out and adopt the measures of lockout.
4. The person who enter the lockout area need to clarify what is kind of dangerous will happen.
5. To communicate the situation of lock out with the relevant operators in time.
6. To identified clearly of the hazards of energy before remove and isolate energy.
7. Energy isolation measures should be test effectively.
8. Power-off test must be carried out for all dangerous electricity.
9. Isolating the “power source” is more important than saving time and money to be more convenient and increase the production.
10. “Lock out “and the tag of “Danger do not operate” is a sacrosanct measures.
11. Tag out, lockout, verification procedures.

1. Identification and isolation.
The local unit shall identify the sources and types of all energy in the process of operation. Prepare an “energy isolation list“which shall be confirmed and signed by both the tester and the operator, and be reviewed by the project leader of the local unit and posted in a conspicuous place on the place on the operation site. To select matching disconnect and isolation facilities according to the nature of energy and isolation mode. Follow the regulations related to pipeline/ equipment opening management when you isolating the facilities or pipelines and implement related standards and regulations for electrical isolation.

2. Lock out and tag out
Select the appropriate locks to fill the in “Danger” on the tag for the isolation points that have been isolated according to the energy isolation list. Lockout and tag out to all quarantine points, the labels contains: label, name, date, unit and a short description.

3. Confirm
The label unit and the operating unit shall jointly confirm whether the energy has been isolated or removed after lock out and tag out. Each of them can request a second inspection of all quarantines, when the party has any doubts about the adequacy or integrity of locking or isolation. The confirmation can adopt the following ways.
1. Observe can pressure gauge or liquid level gauge and other instruments in good working condition first before releasing or isolating energy. Comprehensive confirmation that stored energy has been completely removed or effectively isolated through observing pressure gauge, mirror, liquid level gauge low guide, high vent and other ways of hazards should be avoided during the confirmation process.
2. Visually confirm that the connector has been disconnected and the equipment has stopped rotating.
3. There should be obvious disconnect point for work tasks with electrical hazards and no voltage exists after testing.

4. Test
1. The territorial unit shall test the equipment in the presence of the operator (For example, the device is no longer running after you pressed the start button or switch) when conditions are available for testing. Interlocking devices or other factors that may interfere with the validity of the verification shall be excluded from the test.
2. The local unit shall take corresponding measures to ensure the safety of operations if quarantine is confirmed invalid.
3. The tester or the territorial unit shall confirm and test the energy isolation, fill in the energy isolation list and sign by both parties again before resuming the operation to temporarily start the operation of the equipment (such as trial run test, power test).
4. In the process of operation, the retest shall be confirmed and approved by the project leader of the local unit if the personnel of the operating unit put forward the retest confirmation request.
1) To remove the lock according to an individual lock then remove the group locks,and remove the tag after release the lock.
2) Operator removes the personal lock after finishes the operation the local unit guardian shall remove the personal lock by himself.when it is confirmed that all operators have removed the personal lock.
3) The local unit shall provide the collective key to the electrical and instrument professionals to remove the lock when it is involving electrical electrical and instrument isolation.
4) Remove the collective lock on site according to the energy isolation list after the territorial with unit confirmed that the equipment and system meets the operation requirements.
5) The lock can removed by a spare key when the industry part needs to be unlocked under emergency condition. The lock can remove in other secure ways after confirmed by the project leader when a spare key can not be obtained. To ensure the safety of personnel and facilities when removing the lock. And inform the relevant personnel in time when removing the locks.
6) Energy isolation shall be carry out again in accordance with the requirements of regulation after removed the lock or the test run of system fails to meet requirements.
5. Serious violation of regulation.
1) Haven’t isolated all energy sources.
2) The operator is not present during the test.
3) Operate the locked valves and switches.
4) To remove the locks and labels without authorization.

Post time: Jun-18-2022