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QVAND Security Product Co., Ltd. is located in the Malujiao Industrial Zone of Wenzhou city. The company is meet the professional security of OSHA and the regulation of health standard. Also it is complied with the national standard GB/T 33579-2017 for the control of safety of mechanical and dangerous energy. It was founded to offer security product to all over the world in the 2015, since then, it has been engaged in research, development, manufacturing and sales of security items and maintained close cooperation with many well-know domestic enterprises, it is specialized in offering customized solution that help company improve productivity, performance and safety.


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We can meet any demands from our clients, different design, different brand name,different color, different package.
If you could not find the exact product you want, never mind, just contact us and tell us your requirements, we will arrange the mould and then manufacture them for you.
No minimum order quantity required.
Many products are available from stock with the next several days.
If required, goods can be collected from our factory directly to your customers.
We also support OEM manufacture, with any given order quantity.
We firmly believe in the business philosophy of "With quality to win credibility, science and technology to win the future", always aim at continuous improvement and surpassing development, and we are dedicated to providing more quality safety products for domestic and foreign customers.

Lockout/Tagout is the process of controlling hazardous energy during the service and maintenance of machinery of equipment.
It involves the placement of a lockout padlock, device and tag on an energy isolating device, to sure the equipment being controlled can not be operated until the lockout device is removed.
We believe lockout is a choice you make, safety is the solution that QVAND achieve.
We offer a broad range of lockout devices and tag outs that cover most mechanical and electrical applications, including safety padlock, valve lockout, lockout hasp, electric lockout, cable lockout, lockout kit and station, etc.
All our products are manufactured according to ISO standard and ANSI standard.