Gate Valve Handlewheel Lockout QVAND M-H01 Tagout Cover

Short Description:

1. Made from engineering plastic ABS. Heat resistance, insulation withstand temperature reach to -20°C~120°C.

2. The whole product is metal-free for superior spark proof and chemical resistance.

3. Resistant to cracking and abrasion extreme weather and temperature conditions.

4. Lockout cylinder tanks, including propane tanks on fork trucks and stand alone propane tanks.

5. Easy to avoid unauthorized operation.

Product Detail

Product Tags

1. Can be equipped together with hasps and padlocks.
2. The different size semicircle design,two parts can be combined into one when storing and carrying, reduce a half volume. Lock the hand wheel diameter 25-450mm(1"-18") valve (as sheet description).
3. Locked by 4pcs padlocks, locked shackle diameter≤7mm.
4. Color: Red, other colors need to be customized, Label can be customized.
5. Our valve locks are made of ABS, an engineering material that is impact resistant and can withstand rough and harsh environments without cracking. When locked, the device is enclosed in the valve handwheel and can rotate freely to prevent the handwheel from opening accidentally.

M-H01: Suitable for handwheel with diameter of 25mm~64mm.
M-H02: Suitable for handwheel with diameter of 64mm~127mm.
M-H03: Suitable for handwheel with diameter of 127mm~165mm.
M-H04: Suitable for handwheel with diameter of 165mm~254mm.
M-H05: Suitable for handwheel with diameter of 254mm~330mm.
M-H06B: Suitable for handwheel with diameter of 330mm~457mm.
M-H07B: Suitable for handwheel with diameter of 457mm~635mm.


For a valve with a protruding valve stem in the center of the band wheel, a tool needs to be used to break off the center of the protruding circle to achieve the lockout.
Usage: Cover the valve handle with a valve locking device.and attach a padlock and tag to ensure the safety of employees.
Design: Smooth surface, special design prevents valve rotation. Five sizes can be locked for different handle valve, lock the hand wheel diameter 25mm~330mm valve which can prevent electrical accidents.
Customization: Offer Logo and label customization.
It is suitable for outdoor faucets and used in combination with padlocks to help protect against valve opening during maintenance and repair. It can also be used for the locking of natural gas, oil, propane tanks and other chemical industry uses.

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