Adjustable Ball Valve Handle Lockout Device QVAND M-H17 with Front Back Foot Board

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M-H17, valve rod diameter 8mm~45mm. Length 208mm, width 77mm,height 130mm. Locking range of ball valve: Open state 0.25”~1”,close state 0.25”~1.5”. Extended baffle design: Extended baffle design,effectively improving the application scope of ball valve locking state.With stall foot,it can lock some heightened and lengthened ball valve.

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With stall foot,it can lock some heightened and lengthened ball valve.
1. Lock the valve rod diameter 8 mm~45 mm (0.3 "~1.8 ") butterfly valve.
2. Locked by one padlock,lock shackle diameter ≤ 7mm
3. Color ,Red, other colors need to be customized.
a. Material:Polypropylene is a thermoplastic synthetic resin with excellent performance. Such as chemical resistance,electrical undulation.high-strength mechanical properties and high wear-resistant processing properties. And can withstand temperature from -20℃ to 120℃.
b. Multiplayer management. Multi-hole design supports multiple padlocks to lock the equipment at the same time. It can effectively manage to prevent accidentally start. The width can be adjusted left and right within the scope of use to adapt to different ball valve types.
c. Structural strengthening, It with stall foot, it can lock same heightened and lengthened ball valve. Structure mechanics prevents slipping and can more effectively lock the valve equipment safely and prevent accidental operation.
d. Ready to use at anytime. It can quickly and easily lock the handle of the right-angle turning ball valve in the closed state without the aid of tools, which can effectively prevent miss operation.


*High strength molecular structure, made of high temperature resistant, high strength, high quality hot plastic Can lock out the ball.
* Valves with two-way rotation. Sticking point design to prevent slipping Easy to operate, easy to adjust, with auxiliary rear stop.
* Parts, can lock some ball valve which handles are heightened and lengthened environment.
* Well-made, Precision mold surface is smooth.
* Lock hole design, it can realize 5 lock beam diameter ≤7mm security padlock.
* Easy operation, reduce resistance of product components.


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