Universal Safety Ball Valve Loto Lockout QVAND M-H16 Clamping Lock

Short Description:

Universal Ball Valve Lockout

a) Made from zinc alloy, surface treatment by high temperature spraying, rust proof.
b) Designed to lock out different types of ball valve, clamp tight on handle stop to prevent handle movement.
c) Device encloses the valve stem, with the handle removed, to make accidental reactivation virtually impossible.
d) Accept up to 1 padlock, locking shackle max diameter 8 mm.
e) Can be equipped together with hasps for multiple lockout usage.

Product Detail

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Suitable for valves from 6mm (4in) to 101mm (4in) diameter, suitable for insulated pipes and close distances (1/4in).

A locking device is an industrial safety locking device that holds equipment in a safe position and remains closed. It is used to prevent accidental operation that could result in injury or death, and another goal is to serve as a warning.

Definition: Valve lock is mainly used to lock the valve to protect the safety of the valve.

Valves: ball valve locks, butterfly valve locks, gate valve locks, rotary valve locks, various functional valve locks, etc.


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