RED Plastic Rotating Gate Valve Lockout Covers QVAND M-H01 Safety Lock

Short Description:

Rotating Gate Valve Lockouts

Manufactured from tough lightweight dielectric thermoplastic these rotational valve covers can withstand extreme conditions.

• Outward/ Inward rotation allows for easier installation & storage.
• Surrounds the valve hand wheel to protect against accidental operation.
• 5 sizes available, each size nests within the next larger size for easy storage.

Product Detail

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Supplied with "Do Not Operate" warning message
a) Made from durable ABS, mental free.
b) Once locked, it covers around the hand wheel and prevent the valve wheel from being turned.
c) Two parts design can be combined into one when storing and carrying which reduce the half restore space.
d) Accept up to 2 padlocks, locking shackle max diameter 7mm.
e) Available in 7 sizes and red color, other colors can be customized, providing English tag.


1. Adapt to a wide range of products, and can lock square and round two kinds of stem.
2. Place over the gate valve between the two parts and put your lockout padlock.


M-H01A: Suitable for valve handle 25mm-76mm  1“- 2" in diameter.

M-H02A: Suitable for valve handle 50mm-127mm  2" - 5" in diameter.

M-H02A: Suitable for valve handle 101mm-165mm  4" - 6.55" in diameter.

M-H04A: Suitable for valve handle 152mm-254mm  6" - 10" in diameter.

M-H05A: Suitable for valve handle 203mm-330mm  8"to 13" in diameter.


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