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Standard Electrical Pin Out Toggles Miniature Circuit Breaker Lock Lockout Tagout Device

Short Description:

POT, Locks out most miniature circuit breakers.

Size: Can fit padlock with shackle diameter ≤7mm.

Schneider accessories lock, fit for Schneider Miniature circuit breaker lock.

a) The product is made of sturdy PP and high-strength modified Nylon PA material,special processing technology makes the product more resistant.Corrosion resistant (-57℃ to +177℃), Durable thermoplastic material makes it chemically resistant and function effectively in extreme environments.

b) Suitable for most miniature circuit breakers with an opening of 11 mm or less at the handle part.

c) Single person management, lock hole diameter 7.8mm.

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Easy to lock: the clever design make it no need tools. Press down with your fingers on the side of the lock cover with wave spots and push up, align the lock body with the Schneider miniature circuit breaker buckle, and the push the lock cover down and fasten it, use it together with an insulating padlock and a safety tag to prevent unexpected start.
Pin design: The inside of the lock body adopts pin design, it is tightly installed with the circuit breaker handle, and not easy to fall off during use, which guarantees the effectiveness of locking and tagging to a greater extent, locked the breaker to protect employees from electrical failure during equipment maintenance.
Install and collocation: Can be used to lock miniature circuit breaker handle. Padlock can be lock vertically or horizontally, Can be installed side by side on adjacent miniature circuit breakers. Locked the breaker to protect employees from electrical failure during equipment maintenance.
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