Industrial Electrical Switch Safety Locking LOTO Locks Push Button Cabinet Lockout

Short Description:

Circuit Breaker Lockout

Suitable for locking industrial electrical button switch and electric distribution.

Cabinet lock hole etc. It can be fixed by 3M glue or screw, no need to drilling.

a. Made from engineering plastic alloy and A3 galvanized steel plate.

b. Used to lock kinds of non-standard electrical products or distribution cabinet.

c. Fixed with screws, 3M tape or AB glue.

d. Different shape can be customized.

e. Base size: 50 mm *41 mm(ordinary accessory).

f. Dimension: 46*45*17.

Product Detail

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M-Q12, locking fixed switch, used for fixed switches and switches, etc. Optional M glue or screws, connect 3 pieces.

M-Q13, keyhole, locking switch cabinet, used in industrial electrical switches and safety hole cabinets, etc., can fix 3 safety switches without a keyhole lock. It is recommended to use them together.

M-Q14, locks, electrical control holes, low-voltage cabinets, etc., suitable for industrial electrical switches, switch cabinet locks, can be used alone with door glue buttons or fixed with 3 M, safety recommendations: use pendants and labels together.

3M glue is used for connectors, fixed switches, etc. Recommendation: cooperate with safety switch or fixed switch.

M-Q16, applicable switch labels and non-switch labels for locking switches, transfer switches, and safety marked switches. 3M glue or fixation and fixation with accessories. Recommendation: hang and be safe.

View applicable: For locking industrial electrical push button switches and sharing.

Locks for electrical operation can be used in conjunction with small insulating locks and safety tags to achieve the purposes of energy isolation, equipment locking, and malfunction prevention.

Demonstration video: The purpose of hangtags and locks is to avoid the danger caused by accidental startup of machines during maintenance and to ensure the safety of installation employees’ personal equipment.


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