Motor Protection Electrical Switch Safety Lockout With Self-Locking Handle For Gv2me Circuit Breaker

Short Description:

M-K23 A: 46mm, axbxc=8mm*29mm*35mm, Suitable for push type button motor protection switch, Max clamping 46mm.

M-K23T A: 50mm, axbxc=96mm*29mmx47mm, Suitable for knob type motor protection switch, Max clamping 53.5mm.

Four lock holes for several persons locking management, four padlocks with diameter ≤7mm Can be used for locking. It is used to fix the motor protection switch with the switch panel height of 46/50mm during maintenance.

a)Made from strong polypropylene PP and high strength modified nylon PA material and through special processing technology,the product has stronger resistance,corrosion resistance,impact resistance and temperature difference resistance (-57℃~+177℃).

b)Tool-free installation with ergonomic and robust screws.

c)8 holes can be adjustable to lock.

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Easy to install:This lock attached with hand wheel type fastening screw,it can be locked manually without tools.and the circuit breaker locking device can be fixed on  the motor protection switch by tightening the bending screw,and then the insulation padlock can be hung to prevent the clmaping device from loosening.

Design:The inner part of the lcok body is designed with alloy saw tooth,which is more closely enegaged with the handle of the circuit breaker,so it is not easy to fall off during use,which ensures the effectiveness of lock out and tag out to a greater extent,This circuit breaker lockout isolates the effectiveness of lock out and tag out to greater extent.This circuit breaker lockout isolates and secures the circuit breaker switch  to protect employees from electrical accidents during equipment maintenance.

Ready to use:It can be used on all machine protection switches,when the external rotary handle is rotated,the taw-tooth clamp can be firmly connected to the shell and the motor protection switch can be prevented from touching. Where need to be lockout tagout:Carry out daily maintenance,repair,adjustment,cleaning,inspection and debugging of equipment.In the tower,tank,kettle(and various containers),water heaters,pumps  and other facilities for electrification.


Company information

公司符合OSHA专业安全和健康标准规定,符合GB/T 33579-2017机械和危险能源安全控制国家标准。 2015年遍布全球,自此开始从事安防产品的研发、制造和销售,并与国内多家知名企业保持密切合作,专业提供定制化解决方案,帮助企业提高生产力、性能和安全。上锁/挂牌是在设备机械的服务和维护过程中控制危险能量的过程。
它涉及在能量隔离装置上放置锁定挂锁、装置和标签,以确保在锁定装置被移除之前无法操作被控制的设备。我们相信锁定是您的选择,安全是 QVAND 的解决方案达到。
我们提供范围广泛的锁定设备和挂牌,涵盖大多数机械和电气应用,包括安全挂锁、阀门锁定、锁定搭扣、电动锁定、电缆锁定、锁定套件和站等。我们所有的产品都是根据 ISO 制造的标准和ANSI标准。我们可以满足客户的任何需求,不同的设计,不同的品牌名称,不同的颜色,不同的包装。

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